An unreal Mastodon client for iOS.

Fast and customisable with incredible features, wrapped in a beautiful iOS native design. You won't want to put it down.

Radiant for Mastodon - Powerful and customizable Mastodon client for iPhone | Product Hunt
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Unlock the full potential of Mastodon with Radiant. Your social revolution starts here.

Radiant breaks the mold, empowering you with unparalleled customization, effortless usability, and a suite of powerful tools. Easy to use and friendly for beginners or power users alike.

Home screen showing users statuses

Discover trends and new friends

Explore the Fediverse and see what's trending. Find interesting posts and people

Home screen showing users statuses

Powerful post composer

Create threads, start polls, attach images and more to your posts with an easy to use interface

Home screen showing users statuses

Rich media viewer

Fancy pants media support, with inline gif and video playback and first class alt text support

It’s time for better social media.

Radiant lets you tailor your social media experience to you. No engagement algorithms, just real conversations.

  • Customisation

    Tailor everything from button look and behaviour to timeline filters to suit you.

  • Instant notifications

    Never miss a post you care about again with server side notifications pushed to your device.s

  • Poll your friends and the world

    Burning question? Ask away with configurable polls supported.

  • Themes

    Personalise your app with style. Dark mode and OLED friendly.

  • Find your community

    Use the local timeline or hashtag feeds to follow your interests and make new friends.

  • Privacy friendly

    Your social media is your business, Radiant does not track your activity.

Brighten your Mastodon experience today

It takes 30 seconds to sign up. Download the app and sign in or create an account to start enjoying social media again.

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Radiant Prime unlocks even more.

Premium features that take your Mastodon experience even further for less than a couple of movie tickets a year.



You’re new to Mastodon but want to explore in style. Get started for free.

  • Read feeds
  • Post statuses
  • Boost and favourite
  • Privacy


$0.99 / month

You’re all in on the Fediverse and want the best. You want to customise your Mastodon experience.

  • Push notifications
  • Multiple accounts
  • App themes
  • Custom app icons

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, just get in touch!.

    • Do I need an account already?

      No, you can sign up for an account in the app! It's simple and Radiant can walk you through it.

    • How do I get started?

      Open Radiant and start exploring! Follow people you find interesting, look for hashtags of topics you want to hear about, and start posting.

    • What is decentralised social media?

      Decentralized social media refers to a network of platforms where no single entity has control over the entire network. Content is distributed across multiple servers that are independently owned and operated. These servers can communicate with each other, allowing users from different nodes to interact.

    • Are there iPad and Mac apps?

      Not yet! They are in the works, and when ready for prime time your Radiant Prime subscription will work across all apps.

    • Is there an Android app?

      No there isn't, any Radiant for Mastodon apps on Android are not this app.

    • My instance isn't working, how do I get help?

      Go to your server home page in a web browser and look for their contact details and get in touch with them directly.

    • Why is Radiant Prime a subscription?

      To provide Radiant Prime I need to run servers which have ongoing costs. Subscriptions rather than one time purchases provide a sustainable business model to ensure that Radiant can continue.

    • Is Radiant venture capital funded?

      No, I'm a solo developer building Radiant, and that is why not all features are free. Radiant's business model is selling the app, so my incentives are to make an app so good people are happy to pay for it!

    • How do I make a feature request?

      You can get in touch with any suggestions using the contact details in app!